Saturday, September 18, 2010

101 Things in 1001 Days

Welcome to my ambitious adventure!

I got the idea for this adventure from a friend. It is not a new concept, it has been around the internet for a few years. It's a challenge, really. A challenge to set personal goals and to make every effort to achieve them.

My journey begins today, September 18, 2010, and will end on June 16, 2013 (my oldest son's 7th birthday). The objective is to come up with a list of 101 goals to be achieved over the course of 1001 (or fewer) days.

My goals are quite varied. Some require significant effort, some are frivolous. Some are for others, some for myself. All of the goals hold some sort of meaning for me. As I complete or attempt to complete each task, I will update this blog so you, too, can track my progress.

Thank you for following me and encouraging me along my ambitious adventure!


  1. Meg -

    This is totally awesome! I had no idea you were doing this and I can't wait to read the stories of your adventure. Btw, the private one is no fun :-p


  2. Megan, I have #40 at my house in a box. I never use it. Cross that off your list.

  3. Aileen - I'll tell you if you ask nicely :)

    Terri - That would be awesome, thanks!